Honoring terror victim in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City

Ateret Cohanim honors terror victim with opening of new Jewish-owned store in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 22/03/18

On Thursday, in response to the murder of Adiel Kolman in the Old City of Jerusalem earlier this week, a store-front shop (previously Pinah Chah for security personnel) was opened by the Ateret Cohanim organization.

Headquartered in the Old City of Jerusalem, Ateret Cohanim works to redeem property in the capital, purchasing land and buildings and renovating homes and other buildings.

The property which houses the new shop was previously a small infrequently used “Pinah Chamah” – a rest spot established for security personnel after the murder of Rabbi Nechemia Lavi by an Arab terrorist two years ago, under the Beit Wittenberg complex.

The new upgraded shop, under the Wittenberg is close to the location where Adiel Kolman was murdered, and will be open every day of the week, bringing Jewish life and presence to the area.

It will be a welcome Jewish beacon of light, and security, as people walk from the Damascus Gate to the Western Wall, and will act as both an information center, and shop for people to stop, rest and have refreshments.

“One of the aims of this ongoing depraved Arab terror, is to drive out the Jews from the area and spread fear,” said Ateret Cohanim spokesperson Daniel Luria.

“But they will not succeed, as the Jewish people has faith and the inner strength of conviction. We will simply double and triple our presence in the area because our 3800 year bond with Jerusalem can never be broken. And our Jewish resolve will never be tarnished. This shop will add life, Jewish vitality and security to the area on the main route to the Western Wall and Temple Mount in the Old City.”

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