Yrushalayim (Jerusalem)

Tehillim (Psalms) 76.3 “When His Tabernacle was in Salem.”

Salem was an ancient name of Jerusalem. The Midrash teaches that Avraham called the city Yireh [=Jeru], as is stated: Avraham named that site HaShem Yireh. B’rashith (Genesis) 22.14 Shem [son of Noach, also known as Malchi-zedek] called the place Shalem [=Salem], as it is written Malchi-zedek, king of Salem. B’rashith 14.18

G-D said, ‘If I call it Yireh [=Jeru] as Avraham did, then the righteous Shem will be distraught; but if I call it Shalem [=Salem], then the righteous Avraham will be distraught. Instead, I will satisfy both of these righteous men by calling it Yireh-Shalem [=Jeru-Salem=Jerusalem] (B’rashith Rabbah 14.18).

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