A Halachic Question

In B’midbar (Numbers) 8.11 we read that “Aaron shall lift up the Levites as a waving before the Lord on behalf of the children of Israel….” What exactly is this “lifting up and waving?” How were the Levites “lifted up” and waived” before HaShem? Bmidbar (Numbers) 8.11?

I read Rashi’s commentary:

Then Aaron shall lift up the Levites as a waving: in the same way that the guilt-offering of one afflicted with tzara’ath requires waving [the animal] while it is alive. Three wavings are mentioned in this section: the first (verse 11) refers to the sons of Kohath, and for this reason it states with regard to them, “that they may serve in the Lord’s service,” since they were responsible for the work involving the most holy objects-the ark, the table, etc. The second (verse 13) refers to the sons of Gershon. Therefore, it is stated with regard to them,“a waving before the Lord” (verse 13), for even they were assigned holy work-the curtains and the clasps, which could be seen in the Holy of Holies. The third [waving] was for the sons of Merari (verse 14). – [Midrash Aggadah] 16

Is this a wave offering [?] as in, “And the priest shall take one of the he-lambs, and offer him for a guilt-offering, and the log of oil, and wave them for a wave-offering before the LORD.” VaYiqra (Leviticus) 14.12

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