Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries, WHY NOW?

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

The Case for Rights and Redress


“Eighth is the importance of the principle of reconciliation. In the case studies of major conflicts in which state-sanctioned violations have been perpetrated against victim populations, the basic principles of victim rights – the right to memory, the duty of remembrance, the pursuit of truth, the right to justice and redress, the duty of accountability, and the duty of State Responsibility –

have all been demonstrated to be prerequisites to reconciliations between peoples as well as between states. Accordingly, the integrity of the Middle East peace process requires an acknowledgement of the

truth and justice that underpin the conflict – particularly as it pertains to the Jewish refugee population. Not only has this been ignored in terms of the Jewish victim population, but it has been utterly excluded from any narrative of justice, accountability, and peace.

None of this is intended to argue against the Palestinian right of redress nor intended to diminish the suffering of the Palestinian population, nor their plight, nor their victimization.

Rather, the point is that the rights to redress of Jewish refugees from Arab countries are at least as compelling as those of the Palestinians; yet, Jewish rights have been historically ignored and excluded from any consideration, and continuing this distorted policy and practice would be to perpetuate a historic injustice.

The time has come, therefore, to rectify this historical injustice by restoring the plight and truth and justice of Jewish refugees from Arab countries to the Middle East narrative from which they have been expunged and eclipsed.

Simply put, any narrative on the Middle East that does not include justice for Jewish refugees is a case study in Middle East revisionism. It is an assault on truth, memory and justice. Rights for Jewish refugees from Arab countries have to be part of any narrative – any peace process – any decision-making – if that narrative or peace process or decision-making is going to have integrity, credibility, and legitimacy.

In particular, the United Nations must bear express responsibility for this distorted narrative.

Indeed, the U.N. is a case study in Middle East revisionism. Since 1947, there have been 842 resolutions adopted by the U.N. General Assembly that have dealt with the Arab-Israeli conflict.

There have been 126 resolutions that have specifically dealt with the Palestinian refugee plight.

In none of these U.N. Resolutions on the Middle East is there any reference to, nor any expression of concern for, the plight of the 856,000 Jews living in, or having been displaced from, Arab countries.

As well, numerous U.N. agencies and organizations were involved in a variety of efforts, or

others were specifically created, to provide protection, relief, and assistance to Palestinian

refugees. Again, no such attention and assistance were forthcoming from these U.N. agencies for Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

Moreover, since 1947, billions of dollars have been spent by the international community – by the U.N. and its affiliated entities and member states – to provide relief and assistance to Palestinian refugees. During that same period, not withstanding requests by international Jewish relief organizations, no such international financial support was ever provided to ameliorate the plight of Jewish refugees.”

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