Akiva Eldar, Al Monitor and the Arabs of Palestinian Extraction

“A former senior Haaretz journalist, Akiva Eldar, has called in Al-Monitor on the Trump administration, in its forthcoming blueprint for a peace settlement, to couple its expected demand for UNWRA to be shut down with compensation for Jewish refugees.

Why has Eldar, who has never written about Jewish refugees before, woken up to their existence? He is right that Arab states would have no incentive to resettle  Palestinian refugees unless they are made to admit their responsibility for the expulsion and dispossession of their Jews.

Eldar’s other motive is domestic: to haul the Left out of the political wilderness by encouraging it to champion the rights of Israel’s three million Jewish refugees and their descendants – an issue it has hitherto  viewed as an obstacle to peace.

This issue has been narrowed down to LINKAGE.

Where is the linkage of the expulsion and dispossession of Jews from Arab Lands to the expulsion and dispossession of Arabs from Israeli Treaty Lands?

I posit that anti-Zionist (pro Nazi) propaganda by Haj Amin Al Husseini, and “Dr.” Fritz Grobba of Radio Berlin and his newspaper, “The Arab World” (al-‘Alam al-‘Arabi); in which he serialised an Arabic version of Adolf Hitler‘s Mein Kampf, and soon, Radio Berlin began to broadcast in Arabic is the linkage clearly apparent and necessary to counterbalance the idea that the the Jewish state somehow owes reparations to the Arabs of Palestinian extraction.

Those Arabs (a relatively small number) who fled of their own volition [or were displaced] from Eretz Yisrael proper are entitled to some compensation – just how much compensation is a matter of dispute – given the conflicting narratives.

In comparison, Jews who fled Arab Lands stands in a much higher number since the local populas (anti-Zionist pro-Nazi propagandists) were responsible for the taskeet – (the  flight of the dove) as the Israeli Jewish population encouraged the Arabs of Eretz Yisrael to stay and settle [their minds and hearts] in peace; whereas the Arabic populas instigated the Farhud and the Higher Committee of the Arab League instituted the 1947 Draft Law reminiscent of the Nazi Nuremberg laws!

While Arabs of Palestinian extraction are entitled to some compensation or reparations given that the issue of displacement has not been resolved to date; Israel should stand ready to offer Israeli citizenship to all Jews of the Diaspora regardless of their religious affiliation to counter-balance the Arabs (of Palestinian extraction) claims to a right of return –

Just where do they wish to return to?

As one Hamas Official stated, “al Masri al Masri!” (Egyptian, Egyptian) –

Hamas Official: There are no Palestinian people. They are Egyptian and Saudis.
Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad admits Arab forgery right on TV …

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