It is called Tzion!

The Land is “Tzion” – It’s Tribal Divisions are referred to as Judea and Samaria/Shomron even as Gad, Reuven and Manasseh are Tribal Territories of Tzion.

What is problematic is referring to these disputed territories as the East or West Bank of the Jordan River. By referencing these territories as such, one effectively erases the Jewish connection to these Lands of Tzion!

This is what Sha’i ben-Tekoa in “Phantom Nation” refers to as “semantic infiltration” of the enemies speech into our daily vernacular.

Even as there is no such people as Palestinians – they are merely Arabs indigenous to the lands from which they invaded, migrated or squatted – They can go back to those lands and leave us Jews alone. To start with Abdullah II (the Hashemite) can go to Mecca from where his family originated!

It’s Time to End the Islamic Occupation of Tzion and their false narrative!

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