Parsha Terumah – “So that it will become one.”

This weeks parsha (Exodus 25:1-27:19): Terumah – what is the difference between the beginning of and the end of the parsha? while not everyone was bound to have gold and silver as an offering; copper as a common, base metal was abundant and those who may have lacked gold or silver could easily trade with their neighbor for the required silver necessary for the half shekel census. this comes to teach that everyone, whether rich or poor is given an opportunity to participate in the most sublime, important events of the community and no one is more important than another. The Torah speaks in the language of men, it guides Israel in it’s affairs by making provision for everyone so that none might be despised as poor, unworthy wretches incapable of contributing to society. all are equally important as is their wealth no matter how small…. thus, the Torah singles out Nechoshet “copper” as a symbol of inclusiveness and generosity that is heart felt. you must regard the feelings of your fellow no matter how insignificant they might seem or mean to you says the Torah! 26.11. “And you shall make fifty copper clasps; you shall bring the clasps into the loops, and you shall fasten the tent together so that it will become one.

Shavua Tov v’Chodesh Tov,

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