PLO leader: Political parts of ‘deal of the century’ already implemented

Secretary General Saeb Erakat of the Palestine Liberation Organization has responded to the United States announcement of a workshop in Bahrain on economic aspects of its peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian Authority by writing on Twitter, Tuesday, “The political parts of the deal were implemented:

1-Jerusalem Capital of Israel

2-Refugees off the table

3-No self determination of the Palestinians.(National racist law)

4- Settlements are legal( annexation soon)

5-Occupation no more

6-American Counsulate closed , American Embassy Moved

7-All aid to Palestinian cut .

8-PLO office in WASH DC closed .

Now let us make the deal ,or the price is right .”

Doctor Erekat closed by asking, “How much for all of this ? proposed a work shop in Manama.Palestinians will reject , we blame them and have Netanyahu pocket it .Why Bahrain?”

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