Vicarious Atonement? It’s not Jewish …!

Moshe offered to die in place of the Jews who sinned against HaShem. Yet HaShem said, “he who has sinned against Me shall be erased from My Sefer (Book).” The Chabad web site has this explanation “Alternatively, when Hashem considered annihilating the Jewish people for sinning with the golden calf, Moshe interceded and said, “Mecheini na misifrecha asher katavta” — “Erase me now from Your book that You have written” (Shmoth – Exodus 32:32). Hashem replied, “Whoever has sinned against Me I shall erase from My book,” and thus there was no reason for Moshe to be erased.” Therefore, vicarious atonement is rejected by HaShem and Judaism!!!

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