Shomron head: ‘AIPAC lobby misleads U.S. elected officials ‘

AIPAC’s misleading policy

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News


21 MKs and Samaria Council head address unprecedented letter to Members of Congress: ‘Palestinian state more dangerous than BDS.’



Advocating a two state solution is contrary to US law as the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924 guarantees “Jewish territorial integrity” and “close Jewish settlement on the Land” of Eretz Yisrael. American public policy cannot contravene this Treaty or the Treaties of Versailles and Sevres which established the Mandate for (Jewish) Palestine.

The Arabs were given “political rights” through the Mandates for Syria, Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Lebanon; while Jews were given exclusive rights in the Mandate for Palestine through the San Remo Resolution!

It’s time to end the farce they call the Oslo Accords since the PA has never honored their agreement (via the Oslo Accords) to end terrorism. (Arafat’s speech in Johannesburg SA compared the Oslo Accords to the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.)

Israel needs to end talk about annexing Judea and Shomron / Samaria and merely needs to apply Israel Sovereignty to these disputed (LIBERATED) territories. One does not annex what is already in one’s possession. As a MONARCHIST I advise that Israel apply sovereignty before the Kingdom of Judea enforces the Constitution of Judea and Shomron.

It’s time to remind the United States of the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924 and to End the Islamic Occupation of Tzion!

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