PA Minister shamelessly claims no Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel!

Click Here to watch PA Minister shamelessly claims no Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel!

Archeological evidence proves otherwise such as the

Trumpeting Place inscription

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Trumpeting Place inscription
Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Archaeology WingDSCN5005.JPG

The Trumpeting Place inscription in its current location
Material Basalt
Size 84 by 31 by 26 centimetres (2 ft 9 in × 1 ft 0 in × 10 in)
Writing Square Hebrew alphabet
Created 1st century CE[1]
Discovered 1968
Present location Israel Museum
Identification IAA 78-1439

The Trumpeting Place inscription is an inscribed stone from the 1st century CE discovered in 1968 by Benjamin Mazar in his early excavations of the southern wall of the Temple Mount. The stone, showing just two complete words written in the Square Hebrew alphabet,[2][3] was carved above a wide depression cut into the inner face of the stone.[4] The first word is translated as “to the place” and the second word “of trumpeting” or “of blasting” or “of blowing”, giving the phrase “To the Trumpeting Place”. The subsequent words of the inscription are cut off. The third word (…לה), which is incomplete, has been interpreted as either “declare” or “distinguish”, giving either: “to declare [the Sabbath]” or “to distinguish [between the sacred and the profane]”, where the words in square brackets represent scholarly conjecture.[2][4][5]

It is believed to be a directional sign for the priests who blew a trumpet announcing the beginning and end of the Shabbat in the Second Temple period.[6] It is thought to have fallen from the southwest corner of the Temple Mount to the street below prior to its discovery. It has been connected to a passage in Josephus‘s The Jewish War (IV, ix, 12) in which he describes a part of the Temple: “the point where it was custom for one of the priests to stand and to give notice, by sound of trumpet, in the afternoon of the approach, and on the following evening of the close, of every seventh day”.

2 thoughts on “PA Minister shamelessly claims no Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel!

  1. Absent the Egyptian Exile, almost 3,000 years of continuous Jewish presence in Eretz Yisrael establish Jewish history in the Land of Promise! As well, the “Dead Sea Scrolls” (along with a multitude of other archeological discoveries such as the “Place of Trumpeting” stone,) prove the Jewish Connection to Eretz Yisrael. Additionally, this “Minister” ignores modern legal recognition of the historical Jewish Connection to the Land of Promise, such as the Mandate for Palestine, the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement, and the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924!


  2. Abdullah II return Megillat HaNechoshet (The Copper Scroll) to the Jewish People for repository by the Israeli Antiquities Authority into the Shrine of the Book and correct a historical injustice – the return of the scroll would demonstrate the Hashemite’s recognition of the Jewish historical connection to Eretz Yisrael; as this scroll is written in Mishnaic Hebrew (the Hashemites cannot show a connection to Mishnaic Hebrew, whereas the Jewish Community certainly can).


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