Gematria 2701 (Genesis 1.1) yechida

In Gematria 2701 reduces to a simple number 10 and further reduces to One, implying that the Universe is at One with the Will of HaShem – to what is this like? It is like the passuk, “and you shall look upon it (the techeleth of the tzitzith) and it shall constitute tzitzith for you ….” Techeleth is the color of the sea and the sky (blue) for the passuk says, “Heaven is My Throne…”. We see that the mitzvah of tzitzith and techeleth is juxtaposed to the incident of the Sabbath breaker of Bmidbar to remind one that “it (the Torah) is your life and length of days” (Devarim 30.20). Just as one’s life force (yechida V’Yiqrah 17.11) is contained within one’s blood, and blood is blue so too is the Torah expressed in the singular, (“It is not in Heaven”) by the word ahavah – In the same way that B’midbar (Numbers) 15.39 (“And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, [….]”) pethil techelet, (the fringe of blue on the tziztith) is expressed in the singular; so too does Devarim (Deuteronomy) Chapter 30.11, 14 express the Mitzvoth (commandment [to Love HaShem] 30.6, 16, 20) in the singular. One should not turn to the right or to the left (“towards the corners”) but one should walk in a straight path: tzitzith (fringes) is spelled tzaddi yud tzaddi thav צִיצִת to express righteousness, righteousness is HaShem’s Torah (teaching haDavar): It (the Commandment AHAVAH) is like HaShem, (ECHAD)! As it is said, “the simplicity of the simple is at one with the Simplicity of the Holy One” ….

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