The Hansell Paper & Secretary Pompeo’s Settlement Statement

Yehuda Oppenheimer Don’t you think it would have been appropriate for the US State Dept. to publicize exactly “why” they believe it is not “per se a violation of international law” for Jews to settle in Judea and Samaria…? Their repudiation of the Hansell paper should clarify why Jewish settlement activity does not violate the Fourth Geneva Convention – in this case, there is no forcible deportation or transfer of Jews into this “disputed territory”.

That is, Jews voluntarily settle in Judea and Samaria; and,

the State of Israel does not occupy any other sovereign’s territory and therefore the Fourth Geneva Convention does not apply as Hansell asserted.

According to one paper’s take on Hansell’s position, the so called “occupation” ended when Israel and Jordan signed their peace treaty.

I think under International Law (the laws of armed conflict) once Jordan signed the peace treaty with Israel they acquiesced to Treaty Law (e.g. the Treaty of Versailles) giving Israel recognition in law that the territory is Israeli …!

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