Phantom Nation: Inventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace

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Phantom Nation: Inventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace

On March 9, 2014, Sha’i ben-Tekoa, DeProgram Program, gave a terrific and important presentation to Children of Holocaust Survivors on his book on the invention of a Palestinian people. There is hardly a person born after 1980 (or earlier) who has any reason to believe that a Palestinian people did not exist in a country called Palestine. That is our fault for enforcing this narrative propaganda that has been the focus of the international community and the cause of the problems and danger faced by Israel. The narrative must be changed and Sha’i ben-Tekoa gives us the tools to do this. All we have to do is – DO IT! Hired for a special project by the Office of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Sha’i ben-Tekoa discovered the first United Nations document using the term “Palestinians” as it is used today. And the date was eye-opening: three years after 1967’s Six-Day War. In his research into the entire UN archive dealing with the Arab war against Israel, he came across no reference to the putatively Paleolithic Palestinian people before 1970. After completing his assignment for the Government of Israel, Mr. Ben-Tekoa dug deeper into the origins of this heretofore unheard of nationality. The Land of Israel is arguably the most written about real estate in the world over thousands of years in the scores of languages of Crusaders, conquerors, pilgrims and tourists, not one of whom ever wrote or said a word about meeting any “Palestinians” in their time in the Holy Land. And now Ben-Tekoa has written a book about what he discovered and uncovered: the invention of a phantom nation, the “Palestinian Narrative,” one of the great feats of psychological warfare in the history of Mankind. He shows how it is this generation’s successor ideology to Medieval Christianity, Islam, Nazism and Communism as the current fashion in Jew-hatred a.k.a. an anti-Semitism as old as the hills. To purchase the book now, click on this link:… Sha’i ben-Tekoa was born, raised and educated in the United States. He received a B.A. in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and did graduate work in same at the University of Chicago Divinity School. A traveler in Arab lands, he served in the Yom Kippur War effort of 1973. His articles on the Arab-Israeli conflict, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Midstream, Congress Monthly and other publications. He appeared on American Public Broadcasting’s The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour. In preparation for 1991’s historic Arab-Israeli peace conference in Madrid, he worked on assignment for the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir. Formerly the lead English language commentator for, his Internet radio commentary and music program can be heard at

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