US Ambassador: Israel applies law to territories

Finally someone with common sense:


US Ambassador to Israel says Israel would not annex territory but apply its law..

Gary Willig, 29/01/20 16:32


David Friedman

David Friedman

צילום: יחצ

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told reporters Wednesday that the Trump Administration does not view the application of Israeli sovereignty over Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria as “annexation.”

“The word annexation is just the wrong word. I’ve never used that word, ” Friedman said. “It is not the the word that would apply to this. It’s the application of Israeli law,” Friedman said.

He stated to the media that Israel had committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. “As the president said, Israel has made a huge step forward for peace. For the first time, the State of Israel is committed to the existence of a Palestinian state. We explained to the Palestinians that this plan is the best for them.”

Friedman was asked about the possibility of exchange of territories under the ‘Deal of the Century.’ He answered that “there is no intention of forcing a population exchange. This is the president’s vision. If it is important for the Palestinians to come to the negotiating table and talk about it.”

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