©1998 Yochanan Ezra ben Avraham

The Wind Wispers It’s Love,

As It Caresses Creation.

The Birds Briefly Sing Their Praise,

From Dawn Through Dusk.

The Flower’s Fragrance Express Their Joy,

When Blooming Brightly in the Spring Sun.

The Horses’ Hooves When Prancing Upon the Earth,

Shouts a Strength All Their Own.

The Black and White Whales When Crashing Through the Seas,

Declare Dominion They Hold over the Ocean.

The Water Washing In From the Ocean,

Ripples It’s Poetry Sad and Solemnly Upon the Sea’s Shore.

The Moon Magnifies Two Lovers,

As the Clouds Kiss the Sky.

Over It All, The KING Keeps Vigil, Silent* and Waiting,

For the Time When HIS Throne Will Descend to Receive

HIS Handi-work!

*Amos 8.11

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