Rabbi Singer: Jesus lied!

Rabbi Singer:

It’s really simple to disprove Christianity: To use circular reasoning – Everyone agrees G-D cannot lie or change:

Since “G-D is not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent;” if Jesus lied he cannot be G-D. (It’s obvious that he is neither G-D nor the son of man). Although Ezekiel 29.1-2 clearly states Ezekiel is the “son of man;” Jesus, “claiming to be the son of man” made a [false] prophesy (Matthew 16.28) about the Kingdom of G-D being restored within the lifetime of his disciples.
One Christian claimed the Kingdom was restored during Jesus’ “transfiguration” in Matthew 17.1-2; but if that is the case, then why didn’t Jesus tell his disciples in Acts 1.6-7 “I already restored the Kingdom to Israel six days after I prophesied I would!?”
Jesus did not re-establish the Kingdom of David to Israel before the death of his disciples

as he falsely prophesied in Matthew 16.28! According to Acts 1.6-7 he did not even know when G-D would restore the Kingdom to Israel which means Jesus
was not all knowing (Omniscient). Being All Knowing (Omniscient) is an
attribute of Deity! Because Jesus did not know when the Kingdom would be

restored to Israel, as he claimed to in 16.28 he was a nevi sheker – a false prophet!
Devarim 13 and 18 tell us what is to happen to a nevi sheker.
On another note, Can G-D be in submission or subjection to G-D? Obviously not but 1 Corinthians 15.28 says Jesus will be in Submission to G-D! This passuk contradicts
Hebrews 13.8 (Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever) and Malachi 3.6 (“I change not ….”).
Since G-D does not change, He cannot become man and cannot die! End of Story.

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