Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus

The Torah states, “G-D is not a man, that He should lie, nor the son of man, that He should repent.” That said, Jesus could not be G-D! In fact, Jesus could not be Moshiach (the Messiah) because he did not fulfill the prophesies concerning the in-gathering of the exiles, conquering our enemies and the rebuilding of the permanent Temple foretold by Navi Y’kezkel (the Prophet Ezekiel).

In fact, the Moshiach must descend from King David through Solomon and Jesus’ lineage has Nathan, not Shlomo (Solomon); as well as Jechoniah who was cursed in Jeremiah to “never have any offspring who would sit on the Throne of David and prosper.”

Jesus claimed to be the son of man in Matthew 16.28 who would restore the Kingdom to Israel “before the death of his disciples” but when one compares Acts 1.6-7 we see that not only was the Kingdom not restored to Israel but that even Jesus did not know when the Kingdom would be restored to Israel. Besides that, Ezekiel (19.1-2) was called by HaShem (G-D) the son of man! So Jesus misappropriated the title to himself when making a false prophesy concerning the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel.

All that said; since the Torah say not to follow a false prophet, and the penalty for making a false prophesy is death; Jews do not follow Jesus, who, according to the Christian scriptures made a false prophesy and claimed to be equal with G-D.

The bottom line is, Y’shua, (Yeshu, Jesus or what-ever name or title one wishes to assign to him,) was a nevi sheker, a false prophet worthy of death.

For more on why Jews don’t follow the Christian scriptures simply google “Various Reasons to Reject Christian Theology” on my blog at johnmhummasti333455225 . com /2018/03/25

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