TO: Embassy of Jordan
       Embassy of Egypt
       Embassy of Saudi Arabia
RE: Estoppel and Article 24 of the Israeli – Jordanian Peace Treaty (Claims Commission)
WHEREAS the Hashemite Crown agreed to establish a Claims Commission for the mutual settlement of all financial claims, NOTICE is hereby given that the Jewish Community claims $250 billion in compensation for Jews forced out of Arab Countries and the Hashemite Crown is estopped from asserting inconsistent claims contrary to the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Treaty; and,
WHEREAS, 1,000 delegates of “West Bank” Arabs voted for Abdullah I as their sovereign at the December 1948 Jericho Conference within the meaning of UNGA Resolution 181 (Article Three – Election of an Independent Sovereignty); and,
WHEREAS the Hashemite Crown collectively naturalized all Arabs of Palestinian extraction (April 1950) nullifying UNGA Resolution 194(11); and,
WHEREAS, by their own admission, the 1948 Arabs of “Western Palestine” left, fled or were displaced of their own accord as affected by the Arab League;
JUSTICE demands truth, reconciliation and reparations through a Material Claims Conference that a Claims Commission be established in Jerusalem and this writer proposes such Conference be held on or about 19 October 2020!
And, Nothing follows.
/S/ Yochanan Ezra ben Avraham

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