The term ‘annexation of land’ in Judea and Samaria by Israel is a myth

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News

Dr. Shmuel Katz , 05/08/20 13:09

The Jewish People have the absolute historic legal right to this disputed land. Opinion.

Tourists in Beit El, in Samaria

Tourists in Beit El, in Samaria

Eliran Aharon
I know that there is a lot of information available to the observers of the historical perspectives, and as I am sure that many of you know, much of it is based on disinformation and on outright lies. Therefore, in order to be able to promote honorable causes it is important to clarify the facts.
Before addressing a few issues specifically, I would like to make some very important clarifying points:
1. The State of Israel is one of the strongest and most reliable allies of the USA in the Middle East and in the United Nations (UN).
2. We do not want to weaken Israel and put her at risk of failure, by giving way to radical terror organizations such as Hamas, Fatah, and Hezbollah, etc., and terror-supporting states such as Iran and Lebanon, etc.
3. A failure of Israel will definitively cause irreparable damage to the USA, and to the free world, by losing the mutually crucial security benefits and the tremendous mutually important general benefits, from the Israeli innovations, as they relate also to research and development.
4. The land in the West Bank of the Jordan River, which is being discussed, was known for generations, as Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the Jewish people, since Biblical times.
5. The Jewish people had a longstanding claim to the land, which was under the management of the British Mandate following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1917. The Jewish claim was recognized by the Balfour Declaration and by the subsequent legally-binding decision by the League of Nations in the San Remo conference. This decision was accepted also by the nescient United Nations. Therefore, it is very clear from the International law point of view, that presence of the State of Israel in this area is totally legal.
6. In the history of the world, there was never ever, an Arab Palestinian state in the Land of Israel.
7. The Jewish people were attacked many times by Arab rioters, even before the reestablishment of the modern State of Israel on her ancestral homeland.
8. Since the reestablishment of the State of Israel in her ancestral homeland, there were multiple attempts to destroy her by her Arab neighbors, which luckily failed.
9. The State of Israel offered to negotiate peace agreements with her neighbors, and as a matter of fact, Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel.
10. The newly-created entity of Arab Palestinians was offered several times to reach a settlement of their claims, through peace negotiations with Israel. The Arab Palestinians rejected all offers which were made during the peace negotiations, each and every time. They even rebuffed the assistance of the American presidents, who were trying to be helpful in the process.
11. Instead of educating for peace, the corrupt Palestinian Authority and its allies are working hard on building a terror infrastructure and brainwashing children and adults to destroy the State of Israel and her supporters. Unfortunately, these deliberate actions will guarantee the continuation of the hostility in the Middle East, with its very probable negative consequences to the entire free world.
12. The term “annexation” is a pure myth: Israel is not considering annexing any land of a previously existing country. The land in question, is a “disputed land,” between Israel and the Arab Palestinians. The State of Israel was willing to relinquish a part of it to the Arab Palestinians, should she get an honest peaceful partner, who will look after the well-being of its citizens and its neighbors.
13. Due to the ongoing rejections by the Arab Palestinians of any reasonable agreement, Israel must try to secure her borders in the best way that she can. In addition, Israel is trying to normalize the lives of the people who live in that area.
14. Extending the Israeli Civil Administration laws, which will replace the current military administration laws, to a part of Judea and Samaria and in the Jordan Valley, will make the lives of the people who live there much easier and will improve on the ability of the State of Israel to defend herself against her declared enemies.
15. Should the Arab Palestinians decide that a real peaceful resolution is an option which they would like to accept, it will be very easy to implement it in serious and honest negotiations. Unfortunately, as of now, the Arab Palestinians are still calling for the total liquidations of the State of Israel, “from the [Jordan] River to the Sea.”
16. As for the Arab neighbors of the state of Israel, there are several of them who are having already valuable and good relationships with the State of Israel, and are looking forward to normalizing these relationships even further. They are confident that these relationships are to the advantage of their citizens and may even enhance the stability of the Middle East as a whole and their international relations. They may pay a lip service to the uncompromising malicious Arab Palestinians, but most probably, will never back it up with any serious actions. Radical operatives are not welcome in the Middle East or anywhere else, and this was proven already historically, many times. They know that creating another Arab Palestinian terror state in their neighborhood, will undermine their own stability.
17. The State of Israel was very patient for 72 years dealing with too many people with bad intentions, who were trying to destroy her. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot see any mutually agreed upon resolution on the horizon.
Therefore, it is very important for the USA, for the international community, and for the State of Israel, to try and improve the lives of the Israeli citizens, and to take into consideration also their security needs. By default, even the lives of the Arab Palestinian people will improve, and hopefully this will help them get rid of their currently corrupt leadership. Should this happen, it may bring a better future to the Arab Palestinian people as well.
I am confident that once each person is able to evaluate all the relevant facts, he or she will reach the conclusion that the State of Israel has the right to try and normalize the lives of her citizens and protect their security, to the benefit of the peaceful people in the Middle East, to the benefit of the USA, and to the benefit of the international community at large.
There are approximately 40 clearly designed booklets of relevant truthful information, addressing these and other issues, at
I am confident that once each reader has reviewed the relevant truthful facts, he or she will become an enthusiastic ambassador for an important cause, to the benefit of all.

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