Abraham Accord “A False Peace”


Tamar Yonah:

Shalom. While most people are “excited” about the normalization of Israel with the UAE and hailing it as the Abraham Accord I am not thrilled one bit. This is a false peace. Let me explain:
US Ambassador David Friedman released a statement as follows:

                                “Today’s historic agreement has been named

                                the Abraham Accord. “Abraham, as many of you know,

                                was the father of all three great faiths. He is referred to

                                as ‘Abraham’ in the Christian faith, ‘Ibrahim’ in the Muslim

                                faith, and ‘Avraham’ in the Jewish faith,” U.S. Ambassador

                                to Israel David Friedman said in the Oval Office today.”

This “Accord” only benefits the Islamists since it is a historical revisionist attempt to legitimize Islam as a valid religion! Contrary to Ambassador David Friedman’s statement, Avraham (Abraham or Ibrahim) was not the father of Islam or Christianity!!!

Muhammad, who had sex with Aisha when she was nine years old, ( Hadith of Bukhari, Volume 5, #234) was a schizophrenic (grandiose delusional) war lord who got historical facts wrong, made statements in the name of false gods (the Rushdie Affair, but see Al Tabari’s account of the “satanic verses” Volume 6, Page 107) and therefore could not be a prophet:

1) He claims Miriam, the sister of Moshe was the mother of Yeshki (Jesus), Quran – Suras 19:27-28, 3:35-36, 66:12;

2) he claims Haman of Megillat Esther was in the “court” of Pharaoh; confusing (a) the Building of the Tower of Babel with (b) Haman and (c) Pharaoh, Quran – Sura 40:36-37;

3) and he claims that Pharaoh used the Roman method of crucifixion as a form of the death penalty, Qur’an – Suras 7:124, 12:41, 20:71, 26:49; 38.12, 89:6-12; 4) and conflicting Islamic sources claim either Isaac or Ishmael was offered on the Altar by Avraham.

We know that Jesus was the founder (father) of Christianity but he too was a false prophet (see and compare Matthew 16.28 with Acts 1.6-7) who misappropriated the title “Son of Man” (Ezekiel 29.1-2) made a prophesy that the kingdom would be restored to Israel “before the death of his disciples.” That did not happen so we apply Devarim 13 to his false prophesy and classify him as a nevi sheker.

In closing, the only lasting peace which will endure must be based on the truth and Ambassador Friedman’s statement is not the truth! The bottom line is that Arabs/Muslims must renounce Islam as a false religion and Christians must admit Jesus’ false prophesy before true peace and reconciliation can be accomplished.
kol tov,
Yochanan Ezra ben Avraham

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