Jerusalem Court orders Arab to compensate Jewish victim for assault

Following Honenu’s intervention, Court increases amount of compensation payable to victim.

Arutz Sheva Staff , 29/09/20 14:55 Share

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The Jerusalem District Court has ordered an Arab found guilty of assault to pay compensation to his Jewish victim for an incident that occurred four years ago in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The victim, a yeshiva student, had been walking on Habad Street in the Old City of Jerusalem when three Arabs approached and began mocking him. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, one of the Arabs punched him in the chest.

The Arab was subsequently apprehended and taken for questioning by police. He admitted to the assault in the framework of a plea bargain and was sentenced to five months of community service, a three-month provisional prison sentence, and a fine of NIS 1,000.

The student later turned to the Honenu legal aid organization and submitted a civil complaint to the courts, represented by attorney Haim Bleicher. In the complaint, Bleicher noted that the student suffered significant pain from the assault, as well as humiliation and recurring fears of another assault either in the Old City or elsewhere. The court then ruled that the Arab should pay a further NIS 4,000 in compensation as well as NIS 1,500 to cover legal expenses.

Approached for comment, attorney Bleicher said: “We will continue to act with determination in order to deter anti-Semitic attackers of Jews. Let all terrorists know that they will be punished for attacking Jews – either via imprisonment or financially. We have no intention of let such deeds pass in silence, and we hope that this ruling will act as a deterrent for any other would-be attackers.”

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