Under cover of lockdown: How Arabs took over land

Arabs fence off area meters from Route 60 in Binyamin, even break pirate entrance to the already dangerous road.

Yonatan Gottleib , 12/10/20 21:26 Share
Land takeover on Route 60

Land takeover on Route 60 Regavim

Near Eli in the Binyamin region, a few meters from the main road, Arabs, apparently from the village of Luban, broke an entrance and exit leading from the main road to an illegal fenced area where they planted dozens of trees.

The works have been carried out in recent weeks under cover of the month of Jewish holidays, the lockdown, and the inspectors’ holiday.

The Arabs broke dangerous pirate entrance to Route 60, which is the main traffic route in Judea and Samaria, as well as one of the main hotspots for road accidents in the area.

The works were carried out without a permit and in violation of the law prohibiting construction activities near the road, and pose a safety hazard to its travelers, Jews and Arabs alike.

“It is impossible for Highway 60 to become increasingly dangerous due to negligent and illegal construction,” Eitan Melet, Regavim’s coordinator of operations in Judea and Samaria, told Arutz Sheva.

“Authorities must immediately enforce the law on the spot, demolish the fenced structure, block the breach to the road, and thus prevent the next accident.”הערבים השתלטו על שטח C בבנימיןצילום: רגבים

A month ago, the Regavim movement turned to Defense Minister Benny Gantz and the head of the Civil Administration, Brigadier General Rassan Aliyan, demanding that they address the takeover and the security threat, but the latter have not yet returned a reply.

“Right next to Route 60 in Binyamin, which is a main road in the area, criminals from the area are carrying out illegal fencing work (apparently for the purpose of erecting an illegal chop-shop) and broke through towards the main road, creating a first-class safety hazard,” Regavim said.

“The illegal works are being carried out within Area C, which is under full Israeli civilian and security control,” they added. “It should be noted and emphasized that as a result of the roadblocks in the direction of the road, construction offenders created a first-rate safety risk, since vehicles travel on the road and connect to the highway where there is no field of vision, with huge risk to drivers on the road.”

“Therefore,” Regavim wrote to the Defense Minister and Civil Administration head, “you are hereby requested to exercise your authority and urgently take supervision and enforcement proceedings against construction offenders and illegal works, act to demolish the road, and block the road for vehicle traffic until the date of demolition.

“You are also requested to open a criminal investigation against the perpetrators and to provide us immediately with the details of the criminals in your possession, and details of the enforcement proceedings as they have already been taken by you,” the Regavim movement said.

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