PMW: PA Mufti – “Sharia’h obligates every Muslim to wage Jihad …!”

Watch PA Mufti:

PA Mufti: Sharia’h obligates every Muslim to wage Jihad against ‘the thieving Jews’

“The texts clearly say that if an inch of the Muslims’ lands is stolen, Jihad becomes a personal religious commandment.”

The text assumes Islam is a valid religion…. Muhammad was not a prophet; he was a delusional war lord who had sex with Aisha when she was only 9…!

Muhammad got four historical facts wrong and therefore could not be a prophet:

1) He claims Miriam, the sister of Moshe was the mother of Yeshki (Jesus), Quran – Suras 19:27-28, 3:35-36, 66:12;

2) he claims Haman of Megillat Esther was in the “court” of Pharaoh; confusing (a) the Building of the Tower of Babel with (b) Haman and (c) Pharaoh, Quran – Sura 40:36-37;

3) and he claims that Pharaoh used the Roman method of crucifixion as a form of the death penalty, Qur’an – Suras 7:124, 12:41, 20:71, 26:49; 38.12, 89:6-12;

4) and conflicting Islamic sources claim either Isaac or Ishmael was offered on the Altar by Avraham.

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