Arab Affairs commentator: Biden likely to ‘revitalize’ Abbas

Shimrit Meir: “The administration can launch talks between Israel and the Palestinians, as there is no possibility on both sides.”

103FM , 08/11/20 14:08 Share

Arab Affairs commentator Shimrit Meir explained today, Sunday, in a conversation with Erel Segal and Yariv Oppenheimer on 103FM the implications of Joe Biden as President of the United States for the Israeli-Palestinian Authority arena.

Meir said “The administration can and needs to launch talks between Israel and the Palestinians at a time when there is no possibility on both sides.”

She estimated that Abbas needs to have the opportunity to leave the political arena and end his journey with dignity and not as beaten and bruised, and the United States can do that.

“We will see an effort for ‘Make Abbas Great Again.’ At least to revitalize him,” such as through “a renewal of economic aid, maybe to UNRWA, the opening of an American consulate in east Jerusalem” among other possibilities.

As to the question of why the Saudis have still not congratulated Biden, Meir said that “The Saudis do not congratulate for several reasons – they have values ​​of respect and appreciation for Trump.”

She further stated that the Saudis are facing a huge problem in Washington, since Muhammad bin Salman is not yet a king and is very vulnerable – and is not loved by the Democratic Party.

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