Discussing Shabbat 12a (With Miles Hochstein)…

Even as the fire burns continually on the Altar (Vayiqra 6.1-6); We should always have a “G-D Consciousness” and never forget the Shekinah dwells within as well as without and is Ever Present in our lives. We should have “a fire that continually burns within” – Ahavath HaShem! That fire within is our passion which we hope or pray consumes our will – the daily tamid – (As I understand the meaning behind sacrifices, the ritual slaughter of a sheep is symbolic of our submission to the will of HaShem (a the mystics say: kalta nafshi – my soul is obliterated). Our daily challenge is to maintain that “G-D Consciousness” which Tefillin (Totafoth) serve as a constant reminder and are designed to elicit a discourse on the subject of redemption from Mitzraim…. “that the law of HaShem will be [continually] in your mouth”) In our generation we are accustomed to wearing tefillin only during prayer but in Temple Times Tefillin were worn all day long! (Which reminds me of a story I read about Rav Kook who had a special set of tefillin made so he could wear totafoth under his hat that is until a wind blew his hat off and his secret was exposed for the world to see.) – Well, as for forgetting, we have tefillin shel yad as an oth (sign) and Shabbat as “a sign between HaShem and us” so how could we forget the Shekinah. Miles Hochstein Maybe I misunderstand Shabbat 12a – correct me if I am wrong – As I understand Shabbat 12a, how could we forget and leave tefillin shel rosh – totafoth on our heads, go outside and transgress the prohibition of “carrying on Shabbat”? if we are always aware of the Shekinah and aware of the coming of Shabbat (“remember the Shabbat day to keep it holy”) how could we forget to remove the tefillin shel rosh [since it too is for a remembrance of the Exodus from Mitzraim]?

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