Who can stand idly by while missionaries pursue Jewish children



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“We are Jewish children. Don’t let the missionaries get us.
Our mother escaped from our father and took us with her to Israel, but the courts sent us back to New Zealand. They said she kidnapped us and now they want to send her to jail. But we wanted to go with her.
If our mother goes to prison, they will send us to a missionary school.
Our father doesn’t care about us. He wants us to be goyim and the missionaries are helping him, giving him money and lawyers and everything he needs.
The story began 18 years ago, when young, susceptible Miriam fell like a ripe fruit into the hands of M., a liar and imposter, an evil, conniving man who promised her roses and gave her thorns.
A violent drunkard and junkie, M. was finally arrested, and Miriam escaped with the children back to Israel. But he was out for revenge, and from behind bars M. conspired with his missionary friends to have Miriam and the children deported, appealing to the courts in Israel, claiming that New Zealand was their true home.
In court, Miriam recounted how she fled to Israel to protect the physical and spiritual lives of her children, imploring the judge to have mercy on the children who suffered physical and emotional abuse from the father. She told the judge about the non-Jewish foster children with whom the children will be forced to live, one of whom had already taken shocking advantage of her son, leaving him with deep emotional scars.
Strange as it may seem and despite the very real danger, the Israeli judge presiding over the Family Court in Haifa sided with the father, dismissed the mother’s testimony of abuse and fear for her children’s future as Jews and ruled that the children must be returned to their father in New Zealand.
Now Miriam is alone in New Zealand, fighting the battle for custody that will decide her children’s fate, facing an abusive ex-husband, funded and supported by the rich missionary organization and its well-oiled system of influencing judges, officials and public opinion.
Understanding the criticality of the case, Miriam’s Israeli lawyer waived payment for his services, however the lawyers in New Zealand must be paid. Psychologists, social workers and advisors are all needed to provide support, help reach influential people in New Zealand and rouse the local and international public opinion which could swing this case in favor of Miriam and her children.
Alone in a foreign country, Miriam and her children have nothing to live on and no one to sustain them, care for them or help them.
The cost is immense. The outcome is in our hands.
Will these helpless children be given over to an abusive father and the missionary organization waiting to convert them, or will they return to Israel with their mother and be brought up Jewish?
This is a battle for generations to come! Two Jewish souls, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for all generations!
YOU can save the children by helping Miriam win the battle in court.
Who can put a price on two Jewish souls!
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