Rochester community to develop olive grove in Lower Galilee

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News

Arutz Sheva Staff, 13/08/19 22:12

Members of Rochester NY Jewish community to develop olive grove in Lower Galilee hoping to start new trend in Diaspora Jewish Communities.



Olive grove

Olive grove


Members of Rochester, New York’s Jewish Community will develop an olive grove in the Lower Galilee hoping to start a new trend among Diaspora Jewish communities.

Next month on September 16, several buses will depart from cities such as Jerusalem, Netanya, and Ra’anana to the Lower Galilee village of Yavniel.

On board the buses will be volunteers who will spend a good part of the day planting olive trees, as well as hearing divrei Torah and speeches, watching an anti-agricultural-terror demonstration by the Israel Dog Unit, and celebrating at a large BBQ.

Among travelers from Jerusalem will be a contingent from Rochester N.Y., led by John and Jane August and Larry and Paulina Kovalsky, the leaders of the Rochester contingent.

After spending the last several years developing modest olive orchards in the Galilee for individual, ideological investors, Joel Yosef Busner and Rabbi Yisrael Kaniel of Buy a Piece of Israel were looking for something to significantly boost interest among Jews in the Diaspora to purchase and develop private land in the Galilee, especially the more abundant and more affordable agricultural land.

Their close friend and investor, patent attorney Howard Zaretsky of Hadera, who still spends significant time in Rochester, brought the idea to John August who had mentioned in the past that he was seeking to fulfill his and his wife’s dream of owning land in Israel.

Zaretsky introduced August to Busner and the match was made! After several presentations within the Rochester community, a group of over eighty (80) investors of different size investors was formed. This group, made up only of members of the Rochester Jewish community, have purchased the majority of a large parcel of agricultural land in Yavniel, in the Lower Galilee.

Buy a Piece of Israel will manage the property and begin by developing it into an olive grove. All labor on the property as well as the production of olive oil will be done exclusively by Avoda Ivrit, or Jewish manual labor. Investors will receive income annually from boutique-quality olive oil produced from the olives grown on this land.

By purchasing private land in the Galilee you are not simply ‘donating’ a tree. You now have a stake in the Land of Israel.

More and more Jews purchasing land in the Galilee is a ‘win-win’ situation:

  • More Jews buying the land helps stem the tide of Arabs buying the land, strengthening Jewish sovereignty over the region;
  • Avoda Ivrit (Jewish labor) encourages Jews to go back to the pioneering, Zionist roots while increasing Jewish agricultural employment;
  • Instead of simply donating and not being involved, you now own an asset (land in Israel) that will produce a modest income.

Purchasers of land with Jewish laborers can now observe mitzvot (commandments) that they otherwise could not observe:

  • Purchasing land in Eretz Yisrael;
  • Orlah (refraining from fruit during first 3 years after planting);
  • Shmitta (sabbatical year during which work on land is prohibited);
  • Trumot / Maasrot / Leket / Shikcha / Peah (tithes to kohen, levi & poor).

According to Mr. Busner, Director of Buy a Piece of Israel, the best way to connect Diaspora communities with the Land of Israel short of aliya (immigrating to Israel), is to be connected to the land by being an owner of land in Israel. More significantly, this purchase from the members of the relatively modest-sized Rochester N.Y. Jewish community shows us that other communities replicating this project by grouping their investments into large purchases and developments will strengthen the ties between Diaspora communities and the People and Land of Israel, while lowering the pressure of facts on the ground by Arabs and other non-Jews buying up more and more land and claiming the Galilee isn’t Jewish, G-d forbid!

There are several dunam left in this parcel in Yavniel that may be purchased now before the official planting date of September 16.

Three units of land including development and 4 years of management are being offered at a discount until the planting date starting as low as $1,500.

To learn more about this amazing project and how you can be part of it go to:

For questions or comments contact:

Shomron head: ‘AIPAC lobby misleads U.S. elected officials ‘

AIPAC’s misleading policy

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News


21 MKs and Samaria Council head address unprecedented letter to Members of Congress: ‘Palestinian state more dangerous than BDS.’



Advocating a two state solution is contrary to US law as the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924 guarantees “Jewish territorial integrity” and “close Jewish settlement on the Land” of Eretz Yisrael. American public policy cannot contravene this Treaty or the Treaties of Versailles and Sevres which established the Mandate for (Jewish) Palestine.

The Arabs were given “political rights” through the Mandates for Syria, Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Lebanon; while Jews were given exclusive rights in the Mandate for Palestine through the San Remo Resolution!

It’s time to end the farce they call the Oslo Accords since the PA has never honored their agreement (via the Oslo Accords) to end terrorism. (Arafat’s speech in Johannesburg SA compared the Oslo Accords to the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.)

Israel needs to end talk about annexing Judea and Shomron / Samaria and merely needs to apply Israel Sovereignty to these disputed (LIBERATED) territories. One does not annex what is already in one’s possession. As a MONARCHIST I advise that Israel apply sovereignty before the Kingdom of Judea enforces the Constitution of Judea and Shomron.

It’s time to remind the United States of the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924 and to End the Islamic Occupation of Tzion!

The Muslim Brotherhood, Mother of Islamist Terror Groups

American Thinker

When the average American hears the term “radical Islamists” or thinks “terrorism,” the first notion that comes to mind is groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, or Hamas.

In reality, the world’s wholesale terror producer is none of the above, is headquartered in Jordan, works hand-in-hand with the monarchy there, and has evil tentacles that stretch across the globe wherever democracy and free choice thrive. Named the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), they are the quintessential terrorist organization, and are evil by sheer definition – they, strike fear into the hearts of man.

Emblem of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Arabic word meand “Prepare”

Unknown to many Americans, the MB was established over 80 years ago in Egypt, and is clearly the largest, most organized, wide-spread and best-financed radical Muslim group in the world today.

The MB is so large and important to the history of the region that they boast a very specialized group of graduates: Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, and ISIS caliph Abu Baker Baghdadi – to name a few.

Osama Bin Laden was personally indoctrinated and trained by Jordanian MB leader, Dr. Abdullah Azzam. Terrorism is so accepted, supported and encouraged by the Jordanian Monarchy, that Bin Laden was allowed to freely travel to Jordan to receive a “moral education from Azzam.”  I remember as a teenager in Jordan seeing a weird looking tall man wearing a turban driving around my neighborhood in his Chevy with Saudi license plates. Eventually, that man became responsible for the 911 terrorist attacks, his name was Osama Ben Laden. And he was visiting Dr. Azzam who lived on our block in AlJubiha, Amman.

Ayman Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s second in command, who is still alive, began his terroristic career as an MB member in Egypt.

ISIS’s caliph, Abu Baker Baghdadi, was also an MB member according to statements issued by ISIS itself.

The MB’s operations as a “terror university’ is so commonplace, interwoven and approved in Jordan that graduates openly do political business with the king’s regime.

In fact, many forget that Hamas was originally founded as the “Palestine Chapter of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood”. This was confirmed by Osama Abu Irshaid, a Jordanian, PhD in his dissertation at a renowned British university.

The evil spawned by the MB has spread throughout the Middle East, and since its inception, has proudly carried out hundreds of terror attacks against Israeli civilians. The MB has also been a strong participant in the creation of at least 2 wars between Israel and Gaza along with dozens of skirmishes, and their Hamas branch was responsible for carrying out a bloody coup in 2006 when it took Gaza by force and butchered Palestinian civilians.

One of the things that makes the MB so effective is the value of the “AlWalaa Wal Taa” or “Loyalty and obedience” concept.  The MB controls their ranks with that concept, and as such, their global headquarters are in plain sight in downtown Amman, and they have been rewarded with friendship with a corrupt Hashemite king who has turned his back on their activities because he profits financially.

All this is happening with open approval, while most Arab states and internationally recognized nations ban the MB and designate it as a terror organization. To add insult to injury, the King of Jordan has been ignoring open calls from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to ban the MB.

One of the king’s ministers, Bassam Hadaddin, has said in an AlJazeera interview that “The Muslim Brotherhood is a part of the Hashemite regime”.

So, if the MB is outlawed in other countries, why are they so important to Jordan’s king? First, they operate outside the military, as a sort of para-military squad that operates at the King’s request and protects him from being overthrown. For example, the MB stood up for him during the November 2012 Jordanian revolution, attacking protesters while proclaiming: “We won’t allow the King to fall”.

Second, the king knows that his time is up, and in rigged elections, handed the Jordanian parliament over to the MB in what can only be described as a scorched earth policy. Although Jordan is made up of over 75% Palestinians who hate the MB with a passion, despite their hatred for Israe, during the last elections, the king who hand picks all candidates allowed the MB to gain just under half of the Parliamentary seats available. Additionally, the MB’s governing board (Majlis Shura) has only 3 Jordanians of Palestinian heritage on it out of 100 members.  Combined, Jordan’s Palestinian majority are not represented by the Hashemite’s or the MB, and it’s no wonder that the people are revolting against the King – he has embraced an enemy of the people, the MB.

With this backing and support, the very westernized King helps the MB promote their hatred against America, and Jews, as well as all those who oppose him and his reign because it benefits him.  For example, while the king openly bans most forms of secular political movements, its ok to demonstrate and promote antisemitism, and this allows the MB to operate their TV stations, newspapers and a $3 billion trust fund in broad daylight. This allows his subjects to ‘vent’ — but at Jews, not him, allowing him to hide the truth from his people as to the real status of a bankrupt Jordan.

Additionally, with the King’s help and knowledge, the MB uses mosques and recruiting centers to preach terror and hatred against the West, the US, Israel and Jews. This means that MB values are fully commissioned and approved by the King’s regime, because with clampdowns on free press, it is impossible to operate without the King’s knowledge and permission.

This is not a case of a weak king playing an anti-Israeli/anti-US rhetoric to appease the public.  He is leading this, not following it. The king appeared on TV, wearing his military uniform, saying “Israel is butchering our children every five minutes in Jerusalem and Gaza” and blaming it on Zionists.

The king is using the MB very efficiently, he’s mobilizing the evil they stand for to support terrorism, violence and instability in the region. The King and the MB are using their resources to promote antisemitism, hatred for America and stall the peace process, putting people’s lives in jeopardy.

There are other Arab regimes who support the MB. Qatar, for example, has been the MB’s cash cow. It’s TV network, Aljazeera, has been the MB’s mouthpiece. In fact, Qatar makes no secret of its ties to MB leaders.

It is essential for America’s security to declare the MB a terror organization. US legislators must treat this as a priority.  It is also vital that the US straightens out Arab dictators who support the MB, and consider plan Bs for ailing Arab dictators who have built their thrones on MB support at the expense of regional stability.

The Real Reason Why Muslims Hate when Jews Pray on the Temple Mount

Breaking Israel News (BIN)

Hagar bore a son to Avram, and Avram gave the son that Hagar bore him the name Ishmael Genesis 16:15 (The Israel Bible™)

For those wondering why Muslims in Jerusalem closed their mosques on Sunday to flood the Temple Mount once they caught wind that Jews would be headed to the site en masse may want to look no further than Israeli scholar of Arabic culture and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, Mordechai Kedar.  Kedar sheds some light on why the Muslims absolutely hate when Jews pray on their holiest site – the Temple Mount.

“In the eyes of Islam, Islam did not come to the world to live alongside Judaism and Christianity. Islam came to the world to take their place. Furthermore, in order to build itself from the ruins of Judaism and Christianity, everything that was once Jewish or Christian became Muslim” Kedar said.

Providing an example, the professor continued: “Abraham became the first Muslim. All the churches they conquered became mosques. King Solomon built a mosque in Jerusalem according to the Muslim version” he said facetiously.

Citing a Quranic verse, ‘Religion for Allah (God) is Islam’, Kedar explained that it means that from their perspective, Judaism for them presents a “struggle between the Din al-Haq (true religion) and the Din al-Batl (false religion, which is Judaism. Judaism is a false religion. Jews lost everything they had in the world and Allah threw them into exile. And they have to stay there as the people of “Dhimma”, protected people of Islam, everywhere”.

Therefore, according to their Islamic belief, Kedar notes: “Jews have no right to come to the land of Israel and take it because it is Muslim land. And since they conquered it in the 7th century, every country has a one-way ticket to enter Islam, not to leave”.

As the Muslim sees it, “1948” was “the first accident, a Jewish state was proclaimed. In 1967, a second accident – they conquered Jerusalem!” the Middle East expert added.

“what will be the next accident? They will want to build the Holy Temple!” he says.

“And then, if the Holy Temple is built, Judaism will return to become a relevant religion. Then what will become of Islam? Because the Islam that came to the world to take Judaism’s place, cannot reconcile Judaism that is a religion that’s alive and kicking. It contradicts the most basic premise of Islam, its entire raison d’etre – as a religion that came into being to establish itself on the ruins of Judaism” he added.

As Islam sees it: “when a Jew prays, it’s bad. When he prays in Jerusalem, it’s even worse. But when a Jew prays on the Temple Mount...There is absolutely nothing worse! Because then he’ll build the holy Temple, Judaism will return to relevancy and Islam will have to return to the desert because it will no longer have any reason to be in the world” Kedar concludes.

Be’er Sheva court: Arab squatters must reimburse Israel

Be’er Sheva District Court okays gov’t petition, orders leaders of illegal ‘Al Arakib’ squatters camp to reimburse State’s expenses.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 07/08/19 15:05


Al Arakib on Monday

Al Arakib on Monday                                                                                                        Regavim

On Monday, Be’er Sheva’s District Court published its decision on a petition submitted by six anarchist activists, members of the Abu Madiam Bedouin tribe, leaders of a protracted battle against the State of Israel at “Al Arakib,” an illegal squatters’ camp that began to take shape in 1999 on State land some 10 kilometers north of Be’er Sheva.

The Regavim Movement, which has been involved in the Al Arakib case for years, welcomed the District Court decision, and called on the authorities to fast-track the legal process of clarifying the status of land in the Negev.

Members of the Madiam and Al-Ukbi families from the town of Rahat trespassed on State land, building and re-building an illegal “village” over 150 times(!), while claiming that the land they had seized has been owned by their families for generations. Under the stewardship of leftist organizations, Al Arakib became a symbol of the “heroic steadfastness” of the Bedouin battle for the lands on which they claim to have lived for hundreds of years – claims that Israel’s Supreme Court rejected in a detailed and in-depth decision handed down in 2015.

In 2011, the Israeli government charged 34 key “activists” in a civil suit, demanding that they be required to bear financial responsibility for eight enforcement sweeps carried out in 2010 to remove squatters from the site which cost the Israeli taxpayer some NIS 1.6 million ($459,624). The costs included removal of illegal structures, security arrangements, subcontractors, helicopter reconnaissance, aerial surveillance balloons, transportation of enforcement personnel, and refuse removal to a licensed dump.

As the lawsuit proceeded, 28 of the activists reached compromise agreements with the State, and reimbursed some NIS 300,000 ($86,180). In 2017, the Magistrates Court determined that the remaining six defendants, 20% of the original number charged, would pay the State NIS 360,000 ($103,415) – some 20% of the damages incurred by the state.

The six defendants, headed by Sheikh Sayyach Abu a’Madiam (the central figure in the creation of the illegal squatters camp, who recently completed a prison sentence for 17 counts of trespassing), appealed to the District Court against the Magistrate Court’s decision, once again raising claims of ownership of the property. At the same time, the State appealed against the very low compensation awarded by the Magistrates Court, and sought compensation for the full sum of NIS 1.6 million.

The Be’er Sheva District Court rejected the defendants’ appeal, and added that “the State acted appropriately in bringing a lawsuit charging the squatters, who are the “collective wrongdoers” in this matter, for compensation. It is not reasonable to expect the State to bear the heavy burden of expenses caused by the repeated, unlawful actions of individuals.”

Judges Ariel Vago, Alon Infeld and Gad Gidon accepted the State’s appeal, and found that due to their refusal to reach a compromise, the six “activist” lawbreakers must pay NIS 1.6 million, the full amount of the damage incurred by the State, minus the sum paid by the other defendants who had agreed to the State’s compromise offer. The case was prosecuted by the State Attorney for Civil Affairs (Southern Region), with the assistance of the Israel Lands Authority, the Israel Police, and the Green Police.

Regavim, which has been involved in the case for many years, welcomed the District Court decision:

“This judgement, like the decisions in the earlier cases regarding Al Arakib, decimates the fake Al Arakib narrative, and it must serve as a catalyst for progress toward clarification of the legal status of the lands of the Negev, including full registration of ownership of privately-owned land, in accordance with Israeli law and not according to Bedouin folklore. This is the only way to resolve, at long last, the issue of land ownership in the Negev, which will clear the way for regulation of Bedouin settlement, for the benefit of the Negev and the State of Israel as a whole.”

Al Arakib – the circle of lies Regavim

Silly Things Arabs Believe

Watch Jamal Al-Jawarish

Muslim historian Jamal Al-Jawarish said in an interview on Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority) that the ancient Jews adopted the use of the Aramaic language from the Canaanites, whom he referred to as “Palestinians”, and he claimed that the Torah was originally written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics around 1500 BC, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

He said that the Jews later collaborated with Xerxes, the Persian ruler, during the Babylonian exile in order to topple Nebuchadnezzar and Babylonian civilization. Seemingly contradicting his earlier statement, Al-Jawarish suggested that the stories in the Torah were written as a result of the Prophet Ezra’s exposure to Assyrian, Akkadian, and Sumerian civilizations and mythologies during his time as Xerxes’ advisor, and he suggested that the Jews attributed the authorship of the Torah to Moses even though he had lived 1,000 years prior to when it was written.

Al-Jawarish went on to say that Zionism is based on principles put forward by Martin Luther, and that it is rooted in Christian eschatology and the belief in Jesus’s second coming. He said that PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ rejection of Zionism is directed at 1 billion Protestants who have had an “organized Zionist mentality” for 550 years.

Vicarious Atonement? It’s not Jewish …!

Moshe offered to die in place of the Jews who sinned against HaShem. Yet HaShem said, “he who has sinned against Me shall be erased from My Sefer (Book).” The Chabad web site has this explanation “Alternatively, when Hashem considered annihilating the Jewish people for sinning with the golden calf, Moshe interceded and said, “Mecheini na misifrecha asher katavta” — “Erase me now from Your book that You have written” (Shmoth – Exodus 32:32). Hashem replied, “Whoever has sinned against Me I shall erase from My book,” and thus there was no reason for Moshe to be erased.” Therefore, vicarious atonement is rejected by HaShem and Judaism!!!