the “NEW” Jordan – Sharia compliant?

Mudar Zahran: Will the “NEW” Jordan be Sharia compliant or will it be exclusively a Democratic state with a dissolution of the Monarchy? Inquiring minds want to know….
By Sharia compliant I mean to ask, will the New Jordan allow punishment for blaspheme against Muhammad, or will there be freedom of expression? Currently, Jordanian law permits punishment for the crime of blaspheme against the sensibilities of Jordanian Muslims even if “committed” in another country over the internet <…/national-laws-on…>
It is an acknowledged fact that Muhammad had sex with Aisha when she was 9 years old. It can be demonstrated that Muhammad was a false prophet as Daniel prophesied: “he shall put down three rulers” (7.24) (this transpired in Yathrib
three large Jewish clans — the Banu-Nadir or “Sons of Nadir,” the Banu-Korayzeh and the Banu-Kainuka — dominated the city until Muhammad ordered their men to be slaughtered)
“he shall think to change the seasons and the law” (7.25)
“he shall not regard the desire of women” (11.37)
“he shall honor the god of war” (11.38); and,
“he shall speak words against the Most High” (Devarim 30.1-10 prophesies a restoration of the Children of Israel to HaShem and to the land of Israel; while Surah 1 condemns the Children of Israel as invoking the wrath of G-D…!)

Also, he changed the Qiblah contrary to King Solomon’s tefillah 1 Kings 8.41.

Muhammad got four historical facts wrong and therefore could not be a prophet:

1) He claims Miriam, the sister of Moshe was the mother of Yeshki (Jesus);

2) he claims Haman of Megillat Esther was in the “court” of Pharaoh;

3) and he claims that Pharaoh used the Roman method of crucifixion as a method for the death penalty;

4) and conflicting Islamic sources claim either Isaac or Ishmael was offered on the Altar by Avraham.

Moreover, Muhammad claims Yeshki was a prophet but it can be demonstrated that Yeshki falsely prophesied the restoration of the Kingdom of David within the lifetime of his disciples – Matthew 16:28, “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who shall not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.” Luke 9:27 But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God.

According to the Torah, every matter of false prophesy has to be established by two or three witnesses. Here, Matthew and Luke are witnesses AGAINST Jesus and establish his false prophesy twice!

So, again, I ask, in the “New Jordan” will freedom of expression be allowed?

Yochanan Ezra ben Avraham

Mudar Zahran Addresses Oxford Union

Watch Mudar Zahran | The Arab World Has Failed The Palestinian People (3/8) | Oxford Union

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Mudar Zahran in Jerusalem

Mudar Zahran (born 19 April 1973) is a Jordanian Palestinian writer who has been described as the secretary general of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition.[nb 1] In 2010, Zahran moved to live in the United Kingdom. In 2014, Zahran was indicted by a Jordanian military court on four separate charges against him.


Born on 19 April 1973, Zahran is a Jordanian national opposition writer of Palestinian origin.[1] Zahran’s parents were born in Jerusalem, and moved to Jordan during the period when the West Bank was under Jordanian control (1950–1967).[1] He has two master’s degrees and was reported in 2012 to have been completing a Ph.D in finance.[1] Before seeking asylum in the UK, Zahran was serving as assistant policy coordinator at the United States Embassy in Amman.[1]

In 2010, Zahran wrote an article in The Jerusalem Post that described Jordan as an apartheid state in its treatment against Palestinians;[2] he also claims the Jordanian state resembles that of former apartheid South Africa.[3] The article provoked an uproar of criticism by both Jordanians and Palestinians alike.[4] Shortly after the article was published, Mudar sent a letter of apology through Ammon News after his father Adnan Zahran threatened to cut off relations if the former wrote anything else and considered Mudar’s continuation of writing as “ingratitude” on a personal level against his father, and as an “ungratefulness” towards Jordan.[2] The father described Mudar’s writings as far from truth and reality.[2] Mudar vowed through the letter dating 26 July 2010 to “not publish any articles or reports in any language related to Jordanian domestic or foreign affairs.”[2] He continued: “This decision comes because of I have sensed clearly that my articles are being misunderstood and exploited by some against my precious country whether by ill intention or misunderstanding.”[2]

After leaving Amman to live in the United Kingdom in 2010, a local gazette published an announcement on 31 May 2011 by Amman’s Magistrates’ court calling on Mudar to present himself at court for a lawsuit filed against him by the HSBC bank branch in Jordan.[5] The announcement said he was called for failing to repay the bank amounts totaling up to 47,000 Jordanian dinars (about US$66,000).[6]

He told The Times of Israel in 2012, “The King (Abdullah II) is not going to survive, it’s out of the question… I give him until next summer, more or less. And even if I am wrong, I can’t see the King making it to 2014 by any stretch.”[1]

In December 2013, Zahran was charged by a Jordanian military court and scheduled to be tried in absentia for four separate charges against him: “inciting hatred against the regime, sectarian strife and insulting the king as well as security services.”[7] According to the Jordanian newspaper Al Ghad, “Zahran’s social networking sites carry articles and phrases offensive to Jordan and his own people (Palestinians).”[8] In February 2014, The Jerusalem Post reported that Zahran had been convicted and sentenced in absentia to jail with hard labor.[9] The reports concerning the length of his sentence differed, with AFP reporting earlier that he might face up to 15 years.[9]

According to The Jerusalem Post’s deputy managing editor Caroline Glick, she was contacted by three of her acquaintances in October 2017 who discouraged her from writing in support of Zahran. “They did not coordinate their calls. Each one told me independently that Zahran is not a credible source. He is not a leader of an opposition movement. He doesn’t have an organization. He has multiple websites, they said…” Her sentiment was shared by other Israeli right-wing writers and publications including the Elder of Ziyon blog.[10]

Personal life

Zahran lives in London and has two daughters and a son.

Ari Fuld’s tragic murder: A wake-up call for everyone

American Thinker

As I write this, many Israeli, Jewish, and Arab friends are mourning the horrifying murder of Ari Fuld at the hands of a teenage terrorist.

Stabbed to death at the Gush Etzion Junction shopping center, Fuld left us in honor – he was stabbed trying to save a female worker from an armed attacker.  Ari, a proud father of four and a dedicated friend to many, was a resident of the Efrat settlement.

For those who knew Ari, his family was everything, just as his feelings for Israel were.  This tragic terrorist act underscores everything that’s wrong with the status quo and the “peace process.”

As I reflect on both Ari’s life and Yom Kippur, I wonder what he would do or say if we asked him about his own demise and the soon to be proposed peace plan.

I first met Ari in the summer of 2014.  The black belt in karate was a gentle giant, making him warm and easy to talk to.  Israelis treated him as a patriot, while his Arab neighbors treated him as a friend thanks to him helping them find work in the settlements.

His work often took him to the mall and the spot where he fell.  Since the mall is less than a mile away from my in-laws’ Bethlehem home, I have visited it many times, and I can see in my mind where the attack took place.  The stores are filled with merchandise, Palestinian women in hijabs pushing carts next to orthodox Jewish men and Arab workers earning a living alongside their Israeli counterparts.  You also see cars with Palestinian license plates parked next to Israeli ones.  Both come here for the selection and savings.

Now I will always see blood out in front of my favorite store in the West Bank.

I can also see the young terrorist, from the local Arab village of Yatta, who carried out the attack.  He knew he would be able to enter the mall without being stopped by Israeli security because the mall does not discriminate – it welcomes everyone, including Arabs, unlike what we hear from the propaganda machines of regional terror-mongers like the king of Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood, the P.A., and Hamas.

Everyone who knew Ari knew that he died in the land he loved.  He didn’t deserve to die this way, nor did his kids deserve to be orphaned.

As the world contemplates major changes in the region that will hopefully lead to peace, and his friends mourn his loss, a tragic bell rings: enough is enough.  The status quo cannot go on forever.  This lunacy must stop, once and for all!

It needs to be made clear that the 17-year-old terrorist didn’t do this act unwittingly; he was born under the Oslo Accords and then brainwashed by the tyrannical Palestinian Authority that grew up from it.  In fact, the killer was so brainwashed by the P.A. propaganda mill that he had not even finished high school before he decided to commit this murder.  It also included him knowing that if he was killed or imprisoned, his family would receive a substantial stipend from one of the terrorist entities listed above, and if he died as a “martyr,” he would bypass all the suffering and economic hardship brought upon Palestinians and find his reward in Heaven.

That understood, I think Ari would agree with me that in the 25 years since Oslo, the agreement has brought everyone nothing but pain.  The time has come to speak out against it: the Oslo agreement is dead; cannot be sustained; and is costing us lives, money, and resources.

As my group and I are pushing for change in how we approach the peace agreements, I think Ari would agree that it’s time that everyone accept that Palestinians and Jordanians are one people, and that no peace can really materialize without recognizing our human rights in Jordan, as it is, after all, our legitimate and sovereign homeland.

Several facts support this claim.  First, most Palestinians live in 78% of the “historically promised Palestine.”  Second, most West Bankers (including the Abbas family) hold Jordanian passports.  Third, most Palestinians passionately hate the P.A. and openly yearn for the economic and political freedoms found in Israel.  Fourth, over 70% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian in nature, not that there is any difference at all between us and our East Bank brothers, whom we love and with whom we share blood connections, faith, and soil.  Finally, 1.1 million Jordanians of Palestinian heritage hold Israeli green or yellow cards, providing them with the right to return should they decide to claim that right.  Nonetheless, they are not returning because they love Jordan.

As the U.S. administration prepares to release its groundbreaking Peace Plan – dubbed the Deal of the Century – we have to ask what Ari would say about it.

I believe that Ari would not only support peace between brothers as long as it is based on facts, truth, love, and moderation.  I also believe that he would support what the media have reported: Israeli sovereignty and a confederation between Jordanians and Palestinians as one people.

From what I know of the man in the White House, he fully understands Ari’s vision of peace with his brothers.  As such, I have never been more optimistic about the future of Palestinians/Jordanians and Israelis.

Mudar Zahran is secretary general of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition.

Mudar Zahran: We Have a Palestinian State in Jordan

Mudar Zahran is a prominent Palestinian-Jordanian opposition leader that supports secular democracy and peace with Israel. In his new appearance on Hannity, Zahran spoke about Palestinians turning against Hamas (see below).

His parents were born in Jerusalem and moved to Jordan during the Hashemite occupation of the disputed territories west of the Jordan River (commonly referred to as the West Bank by Palestinians and Judea & Samaria by Israelis). His family is one of the most influential within Jordan’s Palestinian majority. An entire part of Amman is officially named “Zahran Area” in their honor.

Before being forced into exile in the United Kingdom, Zahran was serving as the Economic Specialist and Assistant Policy Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Amman. He also served the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

During his work with the U.S. Embassy, Zahran covered sensitive matters regarding Jordan, reporting to two U.S. Ambassadors. His reports were forwarded to the U.S. State Department, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, Treasury Department and, occasionally, to the FBI.

He was a civil rights activist in Jordan and stood against the Jordanian government’s discriminatory policies towards Palestinians. He fled Jordan in 2010 and is a regular commentator for Middle Eastern media outlets. Zahran envisions a future Jordan that is an “armless welfare state that secures the rights of Jordanians from all heritages and origins and maintains the peace agreement with Israel.”

He has previously written for the Clarion Prject on the Palestinian Authority.

The following is Mudar Zahran’s interview with Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro:


Mauro: Mudar, you’re in the West Bank at this very moment. Polls show that Hamas is more popular in the West Bank than in Gaza. Is it only a matter of time before the West Bank becomes controlled by Hamas or at least a terrorist stronghold?

Zahran: Hamas could overtake the West Bank easily if, say, elections were held today. But Hamas can never overtake the West Bank militarily. This is where we have to be fair and say that Palestinian Authority President Abbas, despite everything, has done a good job of cracking down on Hamas in the West Bank. Also, the Palestinian Authority closely coordinates with Israeli security agencies so, while Hamas’s popularity is skyrocketing here, they are not a major threat.


Mauro: How are your moderate, peaceful views accepted by Palestinians in Jordan and the West Bank? The last poll showed that 60% of Palestinians oppose a permanent peace with Israel.

Zahran: It is a fact that my people will always view Israel as illegitimate and they will most likely always believe that Jews are just immigrants who arrived here from Poland. This might change in 30 years but not now.

Nonetheless, I have been interviewing people from the West Bank and Gaza, in person and over the phone, and I have been in touch with figures that usually cannot speak in public and I can authoritatively confirm that most Palestinians have had enough of fighting and cannot tolerate their current conditions.

Most West Bank figures I’ve met curse out Israel openly but still wish they could go back to the good old days when they could work in Israel.

As for my people in Jordan, they are very, very different. Look at the anti-Israel protests that the Jordanian King’s very own media has been calling for. Palestinians are not joining those—not because they don’t hate Israel—but because they hate the king more than Israel. In fact, Israel is not even on their list now as their greatest worry is the king.

A recent study announced by a Jordanian/Bedouin/East Banker/Yale Professor confirmed that only 8% of Palestinians in Jordan would return to Israel if given the chance. In other words, the “Let’s fight the Jews” notion is dying quickly. It’s “Let’s hate the Jewish bastards but not fight them.”


Mauro: Some analysts say that toppling Hamas in Gaza is not an option because more extreme Salafists will replace Hamas. Do you agree?

Zahran: Unless Egypt is involved, then Gaza will be a humanitarian disaster no matter what the situation is. It is possible that Gaza could become “Act Two” for the Islamic State terrorist group. Egypt must accept its duties in Gaza and needs to step in to protect Gazans and provide for them. This alone could end Hamas in Gaza.


Mauro: Everyone knows that Hamas will re-arm and re-build the tunnels and we’ll be back to where we were. As a pro-peace Palestinian, what is the appropriate solution as you see it?

Zahran: If Egypt was involved with boots on the ground, Hamas would not be able to do much. Hamas is in need of a ceasefire, so Israel should give it one on the condition that Egypt sends soldiers to Gaza as peacekeepers on the border with Israel, eventually leading to Egypt being the dominant force on the ground.


Mauro: What’s a more long-term solution to the conflict? An independent Palestinian state? What would Palestinians accept as a solution?

Zahran: This is all a wakeup call that no other solutions exist besides a Jewish Israel and a Palestinian Jordan with the Jordan River in between.

The Jordanian citizenship law states that all non-Jewish Palestinians are natural-born Jordanians, so those Gazans are Jordanians. If the king was willing to let them in, they wouldn’t be under the bombings now.

We need a Palestinian state and we already have one in Jordan. The problem is that King Abdullah refuses to recognize that. I have been warning for years that unless the world tolerates a Palestinian state in Jordan, more trouble was ahead and I believe my words ring true now.


Mauro: But if Jordan became a Palestinian state, what makes you believe the fight over the West Bank would end? Wouldn’t Palestinians continue fighting for that as part of the Palestinian state?

Zahran: Palestinians fight because they do not have a country. Once they have a safe, prosperous and somewhat free country, they won’t have a reason to fight. The Palestinian Jordan must be a demilitarized welfare state that stops at the river Jordan.

Read Clarion Project’s previous interview with Mudar Zahran.

Ryan Mauro is the’s National Security Analyst, a fellow with the Clarion Project and is frequently interviewed on top-tier TV stations as an expert on counterterrorism and Islamic extremism.